Matthew Hatton
Former world title challenger

I think the Alex Dilmaghani fight on Saturday will take some beating. The pace of that fight was absolutely incredible. I’ve not seen a fight fought at that pace for some while. Tough to pick because there have been some crackers.

Ryan Rhodes
Former EBU champion

I’d say the best fight since lockdown was Terri Harper vs Natasha Jonas. It had everything; quality boxing, drama, people thought Harper won, some thought Jonas won. Just another great fight in woman’s boxing.

Declan Taylor
Boxing reporter

There have been some ridiculous back-and-forth scraps like Taylor-Persoon and Harper-Jonas but for sheer drama and jaw-dropping action – one moment in particular – it has to be Whyte-Povetkin. The Russian had been down twice and then pulls that out of the bag, and he didn’t even bother celebrating.

Andy Clarke
Television commentator

Terri Harper vs Natasha Jonas. Blood, sweat, skill and will, from the first bell until the last, and all rounded off with a desperately close and contentious decision. It had the lot.