Ron Lewis
Boxing journalist

It seems crazy from Canelo. Does he just want the cash or is he interested in his legacy? Even if he negotiated 50 per cent of his original deal for the next couple of fights, where is he going to get that elsewhere in the current market? The lawsuit is for so much money, he could drive DAZN out of business. Then he could get nothing.

Thomas Hauser
Hall of Fame writer and author

It’s unfortunate it has come to this. But from a business point of view, I think it’s the right move for Canelo. He entered into a contract in good faith and he’s entitled to the benefits of that contract. DAZN appears to be primarily responsible for the problem. But Golden Boy has put itself in the crossfire.

Alex Steedman
Boxing commentator

Without knowing all the details, it looks like DAZN handed Canelo the freedom of the city when they gave him that contract. Let’s hope this clerical delay affords everyone the time to strike a balance.

Thomas Gerbasi
Fight writer

In theory, it was the perfect deal; Canelo gets a boatload of money and DAZN gets the fighter who can elevate their standing because he will always be in mega-fights… at least until he doesn’t want to be in mega-fights all the time and DAZN doesn’t want to pay premium money for anything less. It was never going to work.