Panel: Was the referee right to disqualify Mourad Aliev against Frazer Clarke?

Frazer Clarke
LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images
Mourad Aliev's outburst as he was disqualified against Frazer Clarke became a talking point in the Olympic super-heavyweight division

Paul Edwards
Amateur coach

The referee was 100 per cent right. I hate that. If you throw a head butt in boxing you should be disqualified straightaway, let’s get it right. You throw the head in, as soon as the referee sees that you should be disqualified straightaway. It was no thing for me.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games champion

The disqualification seemed a little harsh and it’s not the way Frazer would have wanted the win. But after the deduction of points for the warning I think Frazer would have gone on to win on points regardless. Hopefully he can go all the way with the other remaining members of a great GB boxing team.

Thomas Stalker
London 2012 GB champion

Yes the referee was right to disqualify Mourad Aliev. His head was going in too much, and Frazer has deservedly earned a medal. I’m pleased for him.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

I thought it was incredibly harsh, to be honest. I think the point off would have been enough and would have swung the bout firmly in Clarke’s favour. The GB boxer was already starting to take control, anyways. Then if the Frenchman continued to use the head, a disqualification on the next warning. I think Clarke would have won either way, though.

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