Panel: If Leigh Wood and Michael Conlan eventually rematch, who would you pick to win?

Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan
Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing
If, after plenty of rest, they do it again, how would see a Leigh Wood vs Michael Conlan rematch going?

Anthony Crolla
Former WBA belt-holder

It’s crazy but I think the defeat and the manner of the defeat probably doesn’t affect Michael Conlan as it should. So I’d probably lean towards Conlan on points. So I’d love to see the rematch but I think Leigh Wood, deservedly, will go another way.

Joe Gallagher
Two-time BN trainer of the year

If they have a rematch would it be the same type of fight? Would they want to put themselves through that again? I think they would do. I think it’s in both of their DNA. But I’m going to say Conlan on a close points decision.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager
I’d lean marginally to Wood again. He wore Conlan down and forced him to work at a pace miles outside of his comfort zone. Conlan showed he had the heart of a lion and every fight fan bar none will want to see it again.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

A lot will depend on how Conlan recovers. Watching it back, a lot of it came down to exhaustion and catching a shot he didn’t see coming. I also felt he fought the wrong fight in the last few rounds having boxed so well previously. I’d pick Conlan on points but Wood’s power can never be discounted.

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