1. How much do you expect Oleksandr Usyk to achieve as a heavyweight?

Wayne Alexander (Former European champion)

I expect Usyk to at least fight for the world heavyweight title. He has the amateur experience, skills and power to do so. I would put him in the mix right now with the division’s best. He has the natural ability and is a big cruiserweight. The cruiserweight division has never been glamorous so the obvious move after dominating that weight class is to try to dominate the heavyweight division.

Andy Clarke (Boxing commentator)

I think he can become the number one fighter in the division. He has the ability and, just as important, will also get the opportunity he needs, and quickly, thanks to his WBO ranking. Could size and power, or potential lack thereof, be an obstacle? Yes, it could, but not a serious enough one to stop him.

Nigel Wright (Former English champion)

I think technically Usyk is a very good fighter, but he isn’t a natural heavyweight. They will have to select his opponents very carefully to get him a world title and time is not on his side. I think he will fight for a world title but I’m not sure he will win one.

Mickey Helliet (Boxing promoter/manager)

I really rate Usyk. His movement, strength, speed, boxing IQ and unusual angles from his southpaw stance make him a formidable opponent for anyone at heavyweight. I’m glad he’s taken the time to grow into the weight.

Oleksandr Usyk
Will Usyk be as successful at heavyweight as he was at cruiserweight? (Action Images/Andrew Couldridge)

2. Do you have a favourite moment or fight from ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley’s career?

Wayne Alexander

My favourite moment of Shane Mosley’s career would have to be his fight against Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya, because a lot of boxing people believed he was going to lose. Shane pulled off his best performance in my eyes and proved that he was in the mix with the world’s pound-for-pound elite at the time

Andy Clarke

The late KO vs. Ricardo Mayorga in September 2008. Mosley was 37 by then and going into the final round, a round he needed to get the win, he looked absolutely knackered but in the dying seconds knocked Mayorga down and then out with a left hand. The crowd went wild. It just summed him up for me. Pure fighter.

Nigel Wright

What a great fighter he was. My favourite moment was when he fought De La Hoya. They were the two best fighters at the time going head to head. They had two great fights and Mosley won both, but many thought De La Hoya got the second fight. Mosley became a three-weight world champ.

Mickey Helliet

My favourite Mosley moment came against Floyd Mayweather Jnr when Shane’s right hand had ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd calling upon all his experience to hold on to see out the round. Mayweather was clearly hurt. My favourite Mosley fight, though, was his first against Oscar De La Hoya. A lot of people in the know were swearing that Mosley would win but he was still an outsider and many thought Oscar would be too much for him.

Mosley fought everybody between lightweight and middleweight