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Panel: How do you feel about the way Dillian Whyte’s drug test issue has been handled?

Dillian Whyte
This week's panellists tackle the issue of Dillian Whyte's alleged failed performance-enhancing drug test, and also pick their favourite Irish fighter

Miles Shinkwin (Former English light-heavyweight champion)

I think that if Whyte has failed a test, which it seems like he has, then at the very least Rivas and his team should have known so they could have made their own choice. If something happened to Rivas, who takes responsibility?

Nigel Wright (Former English super-lightweight champion)

It is disgusting to allow an athlete to compete after failing a drug test. They are a danger to themselves and their opponent and anyone involved aware of this information had an obligation to come forward for the safety of both fighters. This is very damaging to our sport and they should all be severely dealt with. Drug cheats should be banned for life. This is not a game, people’s lives are on the line, as sadly shown this month. Cheats should hang their heads in shame.

Kieran Farrell (Former Central Area lightweight champion and promoter)

I like Dillian Whyte, but I stand firm in my belief that anyone caught using banned substances should have to serve a lifetime ban. I’m especially passionate about this because I nearly lost my life in the ring, so am more than aware of the sport’s dangers.

Declan Taylor (Boxing journalist)

It’s difficult to say before we know all the facts about the substances and the full circumstances but the fact that Oscar Rivas was not notified about the hearing seems totally wrong. I’m sure he would have fought anyway but that’s beside the point. The whole system seems broken.

Dillian Whyte
Dillian Whyte is at the centre of a drug storm (Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing)

Q. Who is your all-time favourite Irish boxer and why?

Miles Shinkwin

For me, it’s got to be Andy Lee. There are others who have achieved more but I’ve spent plenty of time with Andy and shared a lot of rounds and he’s one of them nicest men I’ve met. I’m also a huge Carl Frampton fan.

Nigel Wright

Many great fighters and I have shared the ring with a few like Bernard Dunne and Paul McCloskey. My favourite, though, would be Steve Collins. In that 90s era with Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, the intensity, resilience and mind games he showed was great to watch.

Kieran Farrell

My favourite has got to be Barry McGuigan. Not only was he a top fighter, he’s a man of the people. I’ve been lucky to meet him on numerous occasions and he’s a top fella and always sends me nice messages through social media. In fact, I would like to take this chance to send my condolences to his family after losing their daughter, Danika, last week.

Declan Taylor

Andy Lee. Debilitating punch power in his Hollywood right hook honed over many years under Emanuel Steward at the Kronk. Could – and did – turn fights on their head in an instant and his 2014 victory over Matt Korobov in Las Vegas, which secured the world title, remains my favourite moment covering the sport.

Who doesn’t love Andy Lee?

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  • It’s clear from the above answers that not one of the panel understand the drug testing process that must be followed by WADA credited drug testing agencies. This process has to followed in order to lower the possibility of banning someone when they haven’t doped (i.e. false positives).

    In the Whyte case it has at least been released that he failed the UKAD test from the A sample (we don’t officially know the drugs yet nor the B sample result) but passed the VADA test(s).
    The dates of these results must have been close enough to each other to give UKAD concern that they may have a false positive. As the Rivas fight was in a couple of days, which didn’t give them time to get the B sample result, they must have decided to implement a hastily convened NADP, and Whyte’s answers to this independent panel, along with the test results, satisfied them that Whyte should be recommended to fight. So Whyte was NOT guilty of doping when he got in the ring with Rivas.

    It was Eddie Hearn’s job to tell Team Rivas not UKAD or the NADP – after the hysteria displayed by various people over the past 10 days, that unfortunately includes journalists, I can now understand why.

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