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Panel – How do you feel about Jarrell Miller seemingly being forgiven?

Jarrell Miller
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge
Can Jarrell Miller really be returning to boxing so soon?

Nigel Wright
Former English champion

For me, if any athlete has knowingly taken a banned substance to get an advantage then they are cheats and should be banned for life – especially in a contact sport. The governing bodies need to make a stand against this to show any young future athletes that this is illegal and that you will be thrown out of the sport for life.

Callum Johnson
Light-heavy contender

Anyone can make a mistake and mess up, so I don’t like to have too strong an opinion when people fail tests. But there are some cases where it’s just blatant cheating and Miller’s is one of them. He should be banned from the sport and never allowed to lace up a pair of gloves again.

Declan Warrington
Boxing journalist
Entirely indifferent, because it comes as little surprise. Did anyone actually believe Miller being caught was going to hold his career back to the extent it should? He’d likely eventually have fought Joshua; easy to wonder if he’s benefiting from the desire among promoters to squeeze out Matchroom/DAZN.

Ryan Walsh
British champion

I’m disgusted by it but not shocked. Sport seems to be riddled and unfortunately boxing has lost its way. The ban he received was similar to Canelo’s: pointless. It’s now obvious to me a death by a drug-using athlete will be the only catalyst for change. That’s the most disgusting thing.

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