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Panel – How do you feel about Deontay Wilder saying he wants a ‘body’ on his record?

Deontay Wilder
Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports
Our expert panel gives its verdict on Deontay Wilder's comments

Michael Conlan (Top prospect):
As a fighter with a family, it sickens me to hear Deontay Wilder say that and I honestly feel he means it when he says it. It’s not the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last time he mentions it. Boxing is a very dangerous sport. People die in the boxing ring. Saying things like that doesn’t do our sport any good.

Wayne Alexander (Former European champion):
I don’t think Wilder really meant what he says. At the end of the day, it’s a sport and no fighter in their right mind would want to put another fighter in a body bag. I think it’s just Wilder tough-talking and trying to put fear into his opponents but taking it a bit too far.

Gareth A. Davies (Boxing journalist):
Disgusted. The WBC champion should be sanctioned by the licensing commission and the sanctioning body. If it were said by a driver in Formula One, they would be very heavily punished. But it makes you want to watch the fight. Wilder has a way of diverting the moral compass with his comments and, in fairness, he is not the first nor will he be the last.

Miles Shinkwin (Light-heavyweight contender):
I wasn’t his biggest fan before the comments and they certainly haven’t helped. I know people who have experienced tragedy in the ring and it’s haunting for them, so there is no place for comments like this. We know they happen, but all pray they stay to a minimum.

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