Issue | Opinion | Premium | May 29 2019

Panel – How do you feel about Deontay Wilder saying he wants a ‘body’ on his record?

Our expert panel gives its verdict on Deontay Wilder's comments
Deontay Wilder
Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports

Michael Conlan (Top prospect):
As a fighter with a family, it sickens me to hear Deontay Wilder say that and I honestly feel he means it when he says it. It’s not the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last time he mentions it. Boxing is a very dangerous sport. People die in the boxing ring. Saying things like that doesn’t do our sport any good.

Wayne Alexander (Former European champion):
I don’t think Wilder really meant what he says. At the end of the day, it’s a sport and no fighter in their right mind would want to put another fighter in a body bag. I think it’s just Wilder tough-talking and trying to put fear into his opponents but taking it a bit too far.

Gareth A. Davies (Boxing journalist):
Disgusted. The WBC champion should be sanctioned by the licensing commission and the sanctioning body. If it were said by a driver in Formula One, they would be very heavily punished. But it makes you want to watch the fight. Wilder has a way of diverting the moral compass with his comments and, in fairness, he is not the first nor will he be the last.