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Panel: How do you feel about Andy Ruiz Jnr vs. Anthony Joshua II taking place in Saudi Arabia?

Anthony Joshua vs andy ruiz
Yes, Anthony Joshua intends to rematch Andy Ruiz in Saudi Arabia Action Images/Andrew Couldridge
This week's panellists were asked for their thoughts on Ruiz vs. Joshua II ending up in Saudi Arabia and to name their favourite Zab Judah moments

Question: How do you feel about Andy Ruiz Jnr vs. Anthony Joshua II taking place in Saudi Arabia?

Nigel Wright (Former English super-lightweight champion)

I’m a little disappointed because this is a huge fight and it should be taking place on a huge stage. I also think this plays in Ruiz favour. He will try to take Joshua out of his comfort zone again. Fingers crossed Joshua has put the wrongs right and can reclaim the belts.

Ryan Walsh (Current British featherweight champion)

Not particularly thrilled at all but having been around professional boxing a long time I’m not really surprised, either. Like all sports and businesses, money really does talk. I thought the UK was a no-brainer and part of the rematch clause. What happened?

Gareth A. Davies (Boxing journalist)

It’s another of those ethical conundrums boxing so often comes up with. Were the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ and ‘The Rumble in The Jungle’ flawed given (Imelda) Marcos and Mbuto (Sese Suko)? Yes. Are they two of the most talked about events ever? Yes. Does that make them right? Debatable. Promoter and fighter have taken the risk of the rematch with the highest reward possible. It puts more pressure on Joshua because this fight is clearly about commercial gain outweighing pleasing the fans.

Michael Conlan (Featherweight prospect)

I understand it’s about money in this game and Saudi Arabia is going to bring a ton of money for that fight. I think it’s great for the fighters if it means more money, but I’m not sure how many fans will travel for Ruiz as it’s quite a distance.

Andy Ruiz
Andy Ruiz Jnr looks to repeat the upset in December

Question: How good was Zab Judah and what memories do you have of his pro career? 

Nigel Wright

Zab Judah was a very slick southpaw with fast hands and reflexes. I remember watching him give Floyd Mayweather trouble for the first five rounds before Mayweather took over. I also remember his fight with Kostya Tszyu when he got knocked out and there was a riot in the ring after Judah went for the ref.

Ryan Walsh

A genuine two-weight champion and a lightning quick southpaw who traded with some Hall of Fame fighters, including Floyd Mayweather, Kostya Tszyu and Miguel Cotto. He gave Mayweather lots of problems for six rounds. Most of us dream and work to win one world title at one weight so being a champion in two divisions says it all for me.

Gareth A. Davies

At his peak Zab Judah was the fast hands star of the division who once outshone Floyd Mayweather for one third of a championship fight. Always humble, great to deal with, and on a personal level one had to feel very saddened at his recent brain injury. A decade and a half ago the black Hebrew Israelite, one of 11 siblings, was one of the pound-for-pound ring technicians. Saddened moreover that he went on so long.

Michael Conlan

Zab was an excellent fighter. His slick defensive skills were a joy to watch. But, if I’m honest, my main memory of Zab was when he fought Kostya Tszyu and got KO’d. I was a fan of Tszyu.

Judah is a respected former two-weight world champion who fought the best

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