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Otto plays the Lotto in Las Vegas

Unheralded Swede Otto Wallin is the latest heavyweight to be gifted a fight against Tyson Fury during his Las Vegas residency, writes Elliot Worsell
Tyson Fury
Mikey Williams/Top Rank

JUST do your best.

These four words, heard when a task appears insurmountable and typically the prelude to disappointment, will this week be ringing in the ears of Sweden’s Otto Wallin as he prepares for a fight against Tyson Fury on Saturday (September 14) in Las Vegas. He will hear them said by others – coaches, family members and friends – and will be saying them to himself, too, repeatedly, until they stick.

You might call it Otto’s motto. You might also say it has been the unofficial tagline for this fight since it was first announced. Because not only do few people give Wallin a shot at beating Fury this weekend, but the underdog has done little to convince doubters they are wrong to doubt him.