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On This Day: Third time unlucky for Juan Manuel Marquez against Manny Pacquiao

Again Juan Manuel Marquez pushed Manny Pacquiao to the wire and again he fell just short, wrote Bob Mee from ringside back in 2011
pacmarq301  |  Action Images/Reuters/Steve Marcus

IF Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao now, he never will. For nine rounds Juan Manuel Marquez bewitched and bewildered Pacquiao before the 38-year-old Mexican faded to let the Filipino win the last three and, as it turned out, a majority points decision. It let Pacquiao retain his WBO welterweight title and also keep alive hopes for a Manny-Floyd showdown next year.

Las Vegas resident Mayweather was absent but will surely have noticed how Marquez’s skill put him on the brink of a huge upset until he ran out of gas on November 12, 2011.

Yet just when it seemed Juan Manuel had achieved the improbable, succeeding at an advanced age and well north of his best weight, he found the judges against him. Robert Hoyle had it 114-114, as did I (six rounds apiece). Yet Dave Moretti favoured Pacquiao 115-113 and, unbelievably, Glenn Trowbridge saw the champion up 116-112.