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On This Day: Sugar Ray Robinson wilted in the heat against Joey Maxim

Heatwave and Joey Maxim foiled Sugar Ray Robinson's bid for light-heavyweight crown on June 25, 1952. Special round-by-round report of how Maxim dramatically saved his world title
Sugar Ray Robinson
Sugar Ray Robinson

AT the Yankee Stadium, Ray Robinson, world’s middleweight champion, failed in his attempt to win the light-heavyweight title from Joey Maxim, being unable to come out of his corner for the 14th round.

An attendance of nearly 50,000 people sweltered in 104 degrees, the intense heat causing referee Ruby Goldstein to collapse at the end of the 10th, his duties being taken over by Ray Miller, something without precedent in championship boxing.  Maxim scaled 12st 5lbs and Robinson 11st 3 1/2lbs.

Round 1: The first big punches were tried by Robinson, but his right twice sailed over Maxim’s head. Robinson hung on grimly in an effort to stop Maxim reaching the body. Suddenly Robinson lashed out with rights and lefts but Maxim met the attack. He met another onslaught with a fine left hook.


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