History | Apr 12 2018

On This Day: Sugar Ray Robinson, the most complete fighter to set foot in a ring, dies

Former Boxing News editor Claude Abrams pays tribute to the master – Sugar Ray Robinson – who passed away aged 67 on April 12, 1989
Sugar Ray Robinson

BELIEVE it or not, but when Sugar Ray Robinson was still competing the magnificent American wasn’t even hailed as the greatest ever welterweight or middleweight, never mind the finest fighter the sport has known.

It is, of course, harder to judge a man when he’s still fighting. But it wasn’t long after Robinson finally called time on a remarkable career before boxing folk recognised the super-smooth former two-weight world champ as being in a class of his own.

That reputation has gathered momentum and now, more than 50 years on since his final fight, it’s pretty unanimous in a sport full of questionable decisions that Robinson is the most complete fighter ever to set foot in a ring.


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