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On This Day: Rocky Marciano flattens British challenger

"I hit him something awful" said Rocky Marciano back in 1955
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DON COCKELL may have failed to win the world’s heavyweight title but he won the respect of the 18,000 fans gathered in the Kezar Stadium (San Francisco) plus the American TV millions last Monday night (May 16, 1955), and the heartfelt admiration of the multitude of British fans who broke their sleep to listen in to the broadcast commentary.

The British champion was well licked in nine rounds, but he put up a game and courageous display that will go down in ring history.

There is no blinking the fact that Rocky Marciano is a great and worthy champion of the world. He beat our man by sheer weight of punching power and bull-dozing aggression. He accepted the best and hardest blows that Cockell could throw at him and never ceased to come forward and toss his mighty punches.