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On This Day: Mike Tyson has boxing licence revoked and is fined $3million for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear

On July 9, 1997 Mike Tyson was punished for his outrageous behaviour. Here is Ian Darke's fascinating Las Vegas diary of the events that led to 'The Bite'
Mike Tyson
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SKY commentator Ian Darke was out in Las Vegas in June 1997, unaware that Mike Tyson was on the brink of tarnishing his reputation forever. The following is his day-by-day diary of the events that culminated in the most infamous disqualification in boxing history.

Sunday, June 22 1997

I cannot remember who said that Las Vegas make Blackpool look like Venice, but they were not wrong. After 14 hours of flying Glenn McCrory and I arrived to find that old Sin City in the desert had plunged to new depth of tastelessness. Our hotel opposite the MGM had an electric chair where you can pay $2 to be ‘fried alive’. A noisy rollercoaster is positioned just outside your bedroom window. Try, and fair as usual, to get into west coast time by fighting sleep until as late as possible. You still wake in the middle of the night and fall asleep in the afternoons.


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