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On This Day: Miguel Cotto took us into the realms of fantasy

But it was real, wrote Zachary Levin at ringside, and what a fight as Miguel Cotto finally sank an heroically brave Zab Judah before 20,000 screaming fans on June 9, 2007
miguel cotto
Cotto also improved his explosive power Jake Roth/USA Today Sports

AS this country is embroiled in a war in Iraq, and with all of its appalling consequences, it’s wrong to liken a simple prize fight at New York City’s Madison Square Garden to the real thing.

But I don’t know what else to call the lacerated lips, swollen-shut eyes, mashed knuckles, jarred brains and battered livers 20,658 people witnessed for a little over 10 rounds, as WBA welter champ Miguel Cotto remained unbeaten – now 30-0 (25) – against a shockingly brave Zab Judah.

The symbolic bit of ribbon the Puerto Rican Cotto and the Brooklyn-bred Judah fought for was far greater than the handsome purses they would receive.


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