History | Nov 13 2019

On This Day: Manny Pacquiao mauls Antonio Margarito over 12 rounds

Manny Pacquiao shows a compassionate side while bludgeoning Antonio Margarito in Texas on November 13, 2010
reu_1176876-1  |  Action Images/Reuters/Mike Stone

MANNY PACQUIAO cemented his place alongside Floyd Mayweather as the best in boxing back in 2010, with an astonishing victory over Antonio Margarito for the WBC light-middleweight title.

WITH the lopsided victory over Margarito, Pacquiao could claim ‘world’ titles in eight weight classes, including lineal championships at light-welter and featherweight, and was seen as the only man that had a chance against Mayweather.

FOUR years later, we are still speaking about Pacquiao and Mayweather one day fighting, and the fight with Margarito in fact only came about as negotiations broke down again between the two stars and promoter Bob Arum saw the opportunity and a vacant title to contest.


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