History | Jul 30 2014

On This Day: Julian Jackson demolishes ‘Terrible’ Terry Norris in two rounds

Norris began well on July 30 1989, but Jackson soon put an end to the bright start, writes Matt Christie
Julian Jackson

1. TERRY NORRIS was just 22 when he entered the ring in Atlantic City, situated at the Covention Center, to challenge human bulldozer Julian Jackson for the WBA light-middleweight title on Sunday July 30 1989. The champion was six years older, and came into combat with a record of 37-1 (35) littered with unconsciousness. Jackson, from the Virgin Islands, was desperate to for a ‘big’ fight and already had eyes on the 160lb division – interestingly, the WBC already ranked him as their No.2 middleweight.

2. JACKSON’S lone defeat had come in a two-round thriller three years previously against the excellent Mike McCallum. Ultimately, Jackson paid the price for making mistakes, throwing caution to the wind after hurting the experienced champion early, and being stopped himself. Many felt the chance had come too soon for Jackson, and some felt the same about Norris’ chances in this bout.

3. THE bout was televised in America by ABC, offering Jackson – perhaps the most devastating single hitter in the sport – some rare exposure for his menace.