History | Sep 07 2018

On This Day: James J Corbett defeats John L Sullivan to become the first heavyweight champion under Queensbury Rules

On September 7 1892, a historic fight took place. In his 1926 autobiography, James J Corbett detailed his memory of events
James J Corbett

OVER 10,000 people crammed into the Olympic Club in New Orleans to watch the first world heavyweight title fight to be boxed under Queensbury Rules on September 7, 1892.

The formidable John L. Sullivan, a crude but effective destroyer, was taking on the fluent skills of James J. Corbett.

In his 1926 book, The Roar of the Crowd: The true tale of the rise and fall of a champion, Corbett recounted his memories of the historic contest:

“NOW, I knew that the most dangerous thing I could do was to let Sullivan work me into a corner when I was a little tired or dazed, so I made up my mind that I would let him do this while I was still fresh. Then I could find out what he intended doing when he got me there. In a fight, you know, when a man has you where he wants you, he is going to deliver the best goods he has.


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