History | Jun 24 2018

On This Day: Jack Dempsey, the original macho man was born

Only the greatest were mentioned with the 'Manassa Mauler'. An appreciation of Jack Dempsey by Bob Mee

AMERICA and Jack Dempsey grew up together. As the western world tottered out of its post-war hangover into the crazy spiral of the Jazz Age, Dempsey developed from a raw prize-fighter to a living legend.

In his youth Dempsey was a wandering hobo, riding the rails and fighting for his supper in Wild West saloons. By his late twenties, and with his past buried as mysteriously as his Cherokee Indian heritage, he was a millionaire.

Dempsey demonstrated that in the shining new world of “classless” America, the timeless dreams of poor men were no longer futile. A man could rise out of the dust and make a fortune.


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