History | Jul 02 2019

On This Day: Jack Dempsey headlined boxing’s first million dollar gate

On July 2 1921 Jack Dempsey fought Georges Carpentier, bringing in over a million dollars
Dempsey floors Carpentier

BOXING NEWS was 12 years old when the first million-dollar gate attracted headlines around the world. That was on July 2 1921, when Jack Dempsey fought Georges Carpentier in Jersey City, just across the Hudson from Manhattan.

Tex Rickard had an arena specially built on a piece of ground near Montgomery Street known as Boyle’s Thirty Acres. It took 60 carpenters and 40 labourers more than a year to construct and once Rickard realised the extent of the demand for tickets, he had them increase the capacity from 50,000 to more than 80,000.

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