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On This Day: Hector Camacho ends the glittering career of Sugar Ray Leonard

Jim Brady watches once-invincible Sugar Ray Leonard’s dream smashed beyond repair by Hector Camcaho
sugar ray leonard
Sugar-Ray-Leonard  |  Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports

MILLIONS expected to see the Sugar Ray Leonard of old, but Hector “Macho” Camacho battered him into a humiliating fifth-round stoppage defeat before 10, 324 shocked fans at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  The time was 1-08.

Camacho was hardly fantastic, but he stunned everyone by flooring the betting favourite earlier in the round, then jumped right on him again as the dazed legend was trying to survive along the ropes.  As lefts and rights crashed home, shaking the once-invincible Leonard like a cheap rag doll, referee Joe Cortez jumped in to protect him.

“Ray played me cheap”, said Camacho, but if Leonard did anything, it was to overestimate his once-formidable ability.