History | Jan 10 2020

On This Day: George Foreman was born

George Foreman looks back with pride on a glorious heavyweight era and tells Thomas Gerbasi of his hopes for a new golden generation to come along
George Foreman
george-foreman  |  Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports

“I COULD beat that guy.”

It’s a phrase heard around living rooms and on barstools around the world when a big fight is on, but when it comes from the mouth of George Foreman, it tends to carry a lot more weight behind it. So even at 51, and two and half years removed from his last fight against Shannon Briggs, the two-time heavyweight champion saw the then-number one contender for Lennox Lewis’ heavyweight crown, David Tua, in 2000 and figured that he could take him out and make another run at the title.

“I told my wife I could beat that guy, I’m gonna start training, I’m gonna get in shape, and I could still be champion of the world,” recalled Foreman. “I can fight Tua, offer him a five million dollar purse, which he wasn’t getting anyways, beat him myself and then fight for the title.”


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