On This Day: George Chuvalo is enraged after being rescued from George Foreman pummelling

George Foreman
“Are you nuts?” George Chuvalo yells at the referee after George Foreman is declared the winner


August 4, 1970; Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

EVERY heavyweight prospect needs a step-up fight. George Foreman’s came against George Chuvalo, a 32-year-old Canadian with a bionic chin. Chuvalo was paid more ($50,000 to Foreman’s $17,500), had the pedigree at the top level, yet he started as a narrow underdog. Foreman of course was no unknown. After winning gold at the 1968 Olympics he had raced to 21-0 (18) as a professional though he was yet to meet anyone like Chuvalo. The opposite was also true. Chuvalo’s head visibly shakes as it’s cracked with the Foreman jab and as the bout progresses he’s pounded like never before. Even so, at the time of the stoppage, Chuvalo, still standing but bleeding and swollen, is enraged.

When asked by Boxing News in 2010 what being hit by Foreman was like, Chuvalo said: “Well, it isn’t pleasant. A bit like walking into the road and being hit by a Mack truck at 50 miles per hour is the best way I can describe it.”

WATCH OUT FOR: Chuvalo yelling “Are you nuts?” at referee Arthur Mercante after he’s rescued.

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