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On This Day: Floyd Mayweather thrashes Carlos Gerena but struggles for attention

Floyd Mayweather looks superb but can only attract 2,072 fans, Claude Abrams wrote in the original fight report from the Mandalay Bay on September 11, 1999
Floyd Mayweather

FLOYD MAYWEATHER gave a demonstration of speed and skill surpassed only by the bravery and unwavering commitment of his challenger, the Puerto Rican Carlos Gerena, who retired after seven one-sided rounds on the advice of ringside doctor Flip Homansky.

Gerena was offered this fight in May, when Gregorio Vargas (at ringside) pulled out and was replaced by Ugandan Justin Juuko, but refused the opportunity on the grounds he had been in training for a 10-rounder and felt unprepared.

All the time in the world would not have improved his chances.