History | Mar 11 2019

On This Day: Evander Holyfield sets his sights on Mike Tyson after battering Michael Dokes

Evander Holyfield came through his first real test at heavyweight, writes Connor Boundy
Evander-Holyfield  |  Manny Rubio/USA Today Sports

AFTER mastering the cruiserweight division, Evander Holyfield was one step away from living out his boyhood dream after his tenth round knockout victory of ‘Dynamite’ Michael Dokes at the Caesars Palace in downtown Las Vegas in 1989.

The contest was for Dokes’ minor WBC Continental Americas strap, but the real prize Holyfield wanted was a shot at heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Holyfield was inching at the point to face the then indestructible champ. He told The  LA Times: “I saw him [Tyson] get hit on the chin and fall on his face,” Holyfield said. “He was beating the guy from pillar to post and jumped in with a left hook. He got clocked. That’s my biggest fear regarding Tyson, that somebody will do that to him before I get the chance.”


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