History | Jul 30 2019

On This Day: Danny Williams knocks Mike Tyson out in four rounds

The 'Brixton Bomber' tells Matt Christie how he toppled Mike Tyson
mike tyson
Mike-Tyson-1  |  Action Images/Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

“MIKE TYSON was old at the time and I’m pretty embarrassed that I beat such a great fighter. It’s crazy.

I always say to people that if he’d have been the best Tyson, I wouldn’t have lasted a round.

Like everyone else I thought he was invincible back then. I remember there was a time when we didn’t even see him have a nosebleed. It was amazing. I thought he was made out of metal. But it started to go wrong for him: the money; the wrong people around him; too many girls; too much partying. There’s so many different factors. If he’d have gone on properly, with his old people around him, he could have beaten Rocky Marciano’s [49-0] unbeaten record and gone down in history as the greatest, but with all the people around him, it went wrong.


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