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On This Day: Alexis Arguello’s dream fades after second beating from Aaron Pryor

Graham Houston was ringside in Las Vegas on September 9, 1983 to see the great champion, Aaron Pryor's chilling action-rep!ay victory over Alexis Arguello
Aaron Pryor (white trunks) battles Alexis Arguello (blue trunks) in their fight at Caesars Palace  |  Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports

THE bundle of fighting fury known as Aaron Pryor again proved too tough, too hard-hitting and ultimately too much of a fighter for Alexis Arguello in their rematch on a hot night outdoors at Caesars Palace. 

Arguello, former world champion at three weights and seeking an unprecedented fourth title in his final fight, hit Pryor with some tremendous punches but took severe punishment himself before sinking to the floor to be counted out after one min 48secs of the 10th round as Pryor retained his WBA light-welterweight title for the eighth time. 

It seemed an act of submission from Arguello. He said afterwards: “I didn’t get up because I didn’t want to risk my life. I had hit him with everything, and nothing happened.”