Opinion | Sep 22 2019

What would you sacrifice for an Olympic gold medal?

How much would Olympians give up to guarantee a gold medal?
Olympic gold medal
Action Images/John Sibley

IS an Olympic gold medal more valuable than life itself? Well, I was shocked to know the answer. I was recently a guest on the great RDX podcast where I was interviewed by Dr. Jordon Shallow. I found out his ex-wife was an Olympian too. He told me about a study that was done in the 1970s. A sports researcher named Robert Goldman polled 198 world class athletes, asking: ‘Would you take a pill, that would guarantee an Olympic gold medal even if you knew that it would kill you in five years?’

He told me that 98% of Olympians said yes, which I couldn’t believe, so I did research on this and found out that it wasn’t as high as 98% but it’s still over half of the athletes said they would pop that pill and be crowned champion!

When I tweeted the video of this question, the first person to respond was Anthony Fowler who said: “Nothing is worth your life. You die then you’re forgotten about in a week.”


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