What would you sacrifice for an Olympic gold medal?

Olympic gold medal
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How much would Olympians give up to guarantee a gold medal?

IS an Olympic gold medal more valuable than life itself? Well, I was shocked to know the answer. I was recently a guest on the great RDX podcast where I was interviewed by Dr. Jordon Shallow. I found out his ex-wife was an Olympian too. He told me about a study that was done in the 1970s. A sports researcher named Robert Goldman polled 198 world class athletes, asking: ‘Would you take a pill, that would guarantee an Olympic gold medal even if you knew that it would kill you in five years?’

He told me that 98% of Olympians said yes, which I couldn’t believe, so I did research on this and found out that it wasn’t as high as 98% but it’s still over half of the athletes said they would pop that pill and be crowned champion!

When I tweeted the video of this question, the first person to respond was Anthony Fowler who said: “Nothing is worth your life. You die then you’re forgotten about in a week.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more, nothing is worth your life. At the end of the day that’s all we have and I’m a big believer in once you’re gone, you’re gone. Now I’ve retired from boxing and have three kids, I’m trying things to prolong my life. I’m happy with my bronze medal. In fact I would have been happy just to have gone to the Games and being an “Olympian.” Watch this video of me being and asked and see my response:

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