Ohara Davies: ‘This year I would like to go for a world title as soon as I can’

Ohara Davies
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'I feel like I'm a special talent so I don't really want to mix with anyone.' Ohara Davies on leaving his former gym and stating out anew. He speaks to Jack Figg

CONTROVERSIAL super-lightweight Ohara Davies maintains “life has been great” following his split with Matchroom Boxing and trainer Tony Sims.

Ohara Davies was suspended from a Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing bill in December following a barrage of disrespectful tweets aimed at lightweight Tommy Coyle where he said the Sun was his favourite newspaper. Davis later revealed he did not know about the Sun’s controversy surrounding the Hillsborough disaster, something Coyle has passionately criticised the paper for.

The Brit would later spilt with Hearn and Tony Sims. “Life has been great to be honest,” Davies said when discussing his recent change of teams.

“I’m around people I know genuinely care about me, genuinely want to love me and I’m not in the gym surrounded around eight other fighters, I get that attention I need.”

He continued, “You look at every great in boxing history, their coach hasn’t got eight others [boxing in the gym]. I think having seven or eight other fighters is like a security or insurance plan.

“If one fighter gets beat they have other fighters, and I don’t want to be around that environment anymore.

“I feel like I’m a special talent so I don’t really want to mix with anyone.”

Following suspension Davies left Hearn’s stable and signed with rival promoter Frank Warren where he will showcase his boxing on BT Sport, leaving the 26-year-old excited for his fresh start.

“I can’t wait, it’s been about seven months now that I’ve been out the ring for. I feel that I needed a fresh start and I needed to have a few months out to adjust to my new team and get things into place, I’m just ready to go now,” he said

Outspoken for much of his career, Davis’ new approach marks a change in demeanour, but the Hackney man insisted he does not have anything to prove.

“At the start I felt I did have something to prove, but now, I realised it doesn’t matter how I act the people are going see me in the light that they wanna see me in,” he said.

“I could be the real me, which I am doing, and I’m still getting abusive messages people saying I’m this people saying I’m that, so people have already labelled me a bad guy.

Ohara Davies

“It doesn’t matter how I act that’s all I’m going to be in their eyes, so I’m not looking to prove anything to anyone I’m just going to be me and become more successful.”

Davies plans on wasting no time upon his return to the ring and revealed he has world title hopes in his sights.

“Getting the rounds in is really important for me so I’m really looking forward to this next fight [on May 19] because I can showcase everything that I’ve learnt, I’ve been showcasing it in the gym in my sparring sessions but it’s finally time to show it in the ring.

“This year I would like to go for a world title, as soon as I can and possibly it would be early next year so I just have to stay focused stay on the ground and I’ll get there.”

Davies boxes on May 19 in Leeds and is due to fight Josh Leather on June 23 at the O2 in London.

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