Feature | Jun 27 2019

Ohara Davies: ‘Boxing is not going to use me. I’m going to use boxing’

At Repton boxing club Ohara Davies and Miguel Vazquez strike very different figures ahead of their clash at York Hall, writes John Dennen
Ohara Davies
Action Images/Peter Cziborra

OHARA DAVIES rolls up to Repton, the historic boxing club in London’s east end, in a sleek black car. It gives off every outward appearance of success. “OD” has fought in big fights, he’s made some money and has another payday looming tomorrow (Friday June 28) when he boxes Mexico’s former world champion Miguel Vazquez at York Hall. But he is a perplexing character. He can play the villain, even the fool. His outrageous comments on social media ultimately saw him leave the Matchroom promotional stable. He has been humbled, and today speaks respectfully of his next opponent Vazquez. A confidence in himself however seemingly hasn’t been diminished by defeats to both Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall.

“Vasquez,” Ohara tells Boxing News. “He’s a name and I believe that I’m one of the best boxers in the world and if I’m going to say something like that, if I’m going to believe something like that, I’ve got to feel it, I’ve got to get it back in my head. I’m not here to fight for six or eight rounds against a bum. I need to make some money, I need to be rich and boxing is the way that I’m going to do it.”

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