PERIODISED training is a familiar concept to many coaches and boxers, but a lot do not apply the same principles to their nutrition timing. As we know boxers do not undertake the same training session day-to-day, week-to-week and all year round, but instead strategically plan and vary their preparations to incorporate different intensities and durations on different days in order to promote adaptation, help weight-loss or weight-gain and to ultimately make sure their performance is going to peak come fight night. The same should therefore apply to nutrition.

Periodising the nutrition of a fighter, is in essence, simply matching your food intake to reflect the demands and goals of specific training sessions; the idea being to adjust what and when you eat in line with your training volume. The periodisation of carbohydrates will have the greatest impact upon training adaptation and performance.

However, now for the million-dollar question, what is the best way to periodise your nutrition with your training? Although, the optimal way to do this is not currently known, below are five key tips to help implement the periodisation of nutrition to match your training schedule.

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Marc Fell BSc (hons), MSc
Twitter: @MarcFell1

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