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Now that’s what I call entrance music

Elliot Worsell investigates entrance music, the curious beats that get fighters in the mood for war
Mike Tyson
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‘OH beautiful, for heroes proved, in liberating strife…’ That was the line he was anticipating, the next step in a process, the peaceful prologue to 35 minutes and 58 seconds of violence. Yet Lou Duva, waiting to hear the words, appeared as though he wanted to punch someone in the face. Cheeks red, eyes crazed, he raged at all in the vicinity, pointed accusatory fingers and made his sizeable presence known. He was angry, all right. Not as angry as he’d later become but angrier than usual (and Lou Duva was the type of man who projected anger even when content). In that moment, on that night, March 17, 1990, Lou Duva was angry because Meldrick Taylor, his unbeaten world champion and 1984 Olympic gold medallist, was about to make his walk to the ring at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas in silence.

“Where’s the music, goddamnit?!” Duva yelled. “Where’s the music?!”

It was at this point he slammed the brakes on Taylor.


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