Editor's letter | Issue | Premium | Oct 01 2019

Nigel Benn comeback – make it stop

With Bika confirmed as the opponent, the Nigel Benn comeback becomes even more concerning
Nigel Benn
Action Images/John Sibley

WHEN Floyd Mayweather returned to fight debutant Conor McGregor two years ago, some criticised Boxing News for giving it coverage. It didn’t matter that barely a word of that coverage was positive. While many boxing media outlets gave the event their full support, BN, which always has the good of boxing at its heart, continued to focus on the preposterousness of the whole affair.

My response to any criticism we received back then was that the fight was making such a nuisance of itself in the boxing world, we would have been doing the sport a disservice by simply ignoring it. It was our duty to report on the whole thing as honestly as we could, irrespective of whether we liked it or not. If every newspaper was filled only with reports about events that journalists approved of then the news media industry would serve little purpose (nor have a great deal to write about, frankly).

The reason I say all of this now is because we’ll be keeping a close eye on the developments of Nigel Benn’s return, despite the fact it is not being sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control. There should be no confusion at all that by doing so we are in any way supportive of Benn’s return. We are not.


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