NICK BLACKWELL remains in an induced coma after suffering a bleed on the brain following his defeat to Chris Eubank Jr on Saturday, but doctors are not planning on operating.

Blackwell collapsed in the ring after his 10th round stoppage loss to Eubank and left the ring on a stretcher before being rushed to hospital.

A scan on Sunday revealed there was no increase in the pressure on his brain, meaning surgery should not be required. He remains under sedation with doctors constantly monitoring his condition.

BBBofC general secretary Robert Smith said: “I spoke to one of the doctors [Sunday] morning and he said there is a bleeding of the brain. He’s in intensive care, he’s in an induced coma and he is resting and being looked after by the experts.

“It’s a very normal procedure. They put you in a coma to get the swelling to go down. There’s no time-scale. Now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing.”

The fight was stopped on the advice of the ringside doctor after Blackwell’s left eye had all but closed. After the result was announced, Blackwell walked back to his corner where he collapsed.

The boxing fraternity has come out in force on social media in tribute to the Trowbridge warrior, while Eubank Jr and his father have both posted messages of support.

We await further news on Nick, but everyone at Boxing News hopes he makes a full and swift recovery.