News | Nov 02 2018

New middleweight titlist Rob Brant looking to fight Danny Jacobs

After beating Murata, Rob Brant wants to fight the best in the division, not Golovkin, not Canelo, he means Danny Jacobs. He speaks to James Slater
Rob Brant joins Top Rank

ROB BRANT of Minnesota scored a big upset on October 20, as he dethroned Ryota Murata to take the WBA ‘regular’ middleweight belt. Now looking ahead to big fights in which he will try and pick up more titles, Brant, 24-1(16) says he feels his best fighting days lie ahead of him still.

 Fighting in an admittedly very competitive and talent-rich division, Brant fully understands that while it is tough becoming a champion, it is even harder remaining as such.

 Here Brant explains how he will stay on top:


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