Issue | Premium | Reports | Oct 14 2019

Nathan Heaney on target

Jane Warburton sees Midlands Area champ Nathan Heaney defeat Ambomo
Nathan Heaney
Action Images/Lee Smith
Stoke-on-Trent • October 12

BCB Promotions’ latest offering Stokin’ The Fire attracted a big, noisy crowd to the Kings Hall despite there having been a show at this very same venue just a couple of weeks previously.

Headliner over 10 saw massively popular local Nathan Heaney doing battle with tough Sheffield-based Cameroonian Serge Ambomo whose solid physique and Mohican hair-style smacked of a junior Clubber Lang.

On the front foot for long spells and constantly looking for the opportunity to land a big right bomb, Ambomo, while ultimately on the wrong end of a 99-93 score from referee-for-the-night Shaun Messer, kept it interesting.


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