Issue | Opinion | Premium | Jul 09 2019

Nathan Gorman: I’ll thrive off the occasion

In his own words Nathan Gorman looks forward to his British heavyweight title clash with Daniel Dubois at the O2 on Saturday
Nathan Gorman
Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Boyers

I’ve had all different kinds of sparring for Daniel Dubois. I’ve had probably 10, 12 different sparring partners. So it’s gone really well. I’m getting 12 rounds out in the gym, fighting at a high pace. There’ll be no excuses. There’s been no injuries, when I walk out July 13 at the O2 every box is ticked and your mind’s clear. Ready to walk out into that fight, you know for a certain fact there’s no more you can possibly do. So I’m just counting down the days now. All the hard work’s basically done. We’re there now. We’re here.

I want the atmosphere to be really, really bouncing. I want it to be packed out. Because I’m going to thrive off that. That energy. I love that energy. Hopefully it’s buzzing. I’d love for the O2 to be packed out, first time ever to be walking out in a big massive arena and I want to absorb all that energy and use it.

I’m a really relaxed fella anyway, day to day, general stuff. So I imagine I’ll be relaxed walking out for sure. Ricky Hatton, my trainer he’s been there, done it and got every single T-shirt, hasn’t he? So he’s giving me little pointers. Use that energy for your own perspective. Use it for you. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to draw the energy off the crowd, the atmosphere and use it for me.