Opinion | Mar 25 2016

Natasha Jonas: We’re breaking those barriers down

Natasha Jonas discusses the importance of getting women and girls involved in the sport
Natasha Jonas
Natasha-Jonas  |  Action Images

I go into schools to get young girls involved in boxing. I’m doing a little bit of coaching, I work with the Youth Sport Trust and Dame Kelly Holmes and the ABA themselves about getting young people and in particular women involved in boxing.

There was obviously a big spike in participation straight after the Olympics but it is growing and there’s progression. It’s come a long way since I started and as long as it continues like that then one day in a perfect world, we’ll be on par with the men.

There’s far more females involved and there’s better competition and a better standard of competition and you’ve got the ability to move through the sport. There’s certain goals and targets you’ve got to hit but there’s a line of progression, where it wasn’t always so clear when I started.


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