History | Premium | Dec 19 2019

When Prince Naseem Hamed became the King of New York

The key players of the thrilling Naseem Hamed-Kevin Kelley barnburner reminisce about one of the best fights in boxing history
Naseem Hamed

ALTHOUGH you might find it hard to believe, December 19, 2019 marks 22 years since Naseem Hamed and Kevin Kelley combined to produce one of the most memorable nights in Madison Square Garden history.

This might come as a surprise to many, not least one of the protagonists. “20 years?” Kelley told Boxing News. “S***, people still come up to me in the street to this day asking me when the rematch is gonna happen.”

It was a rare moment when a classic modern match-up not only lived up to its huge build-up in New York city but actually exceeded expectations with high drama, twists, turns and three knockdowns apiece.


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