Feature | Premium | Sep 04 2019

My Night: When Michael Gomez could afford a new pair of shoes

A sleep deprived Michael Gomez had a new baby and was broke. Here he explains in detail why he had to beat Gary Thornhill
Michael Gomez
Action Images/Andy Couldridge

I KNOW everyone will be thinking the Alex Arthur fight was my best one and it probably was the best fight, but the one that meant the most to me was when I beat Gary Thornhill. Arthur was my hardest fight but, not being disrespectful to Alex because he’s a friend and although that fight made me and that’s the one people talk about, it has to be Gary Thornhill.

I was 21 and had never had a penny in my life. I went to York Hall in trainers with holes in because my shoes didn’t fit me anymore and I couldn’t afford a decent pair.

Before the fight Frank Warren had taken me out to Atlantic City. I fought William Alverzo [w pts 6] and boxed really well, probably the best I ever had in my life. For some reason I was a boxer then – I became a brawler later.