History | Apr 15 2019

My Night: Marvin Hagler terrorises Thomas Hearns

'I never wanted to kill another man but anything could have happened,' Marvin Hagler chillingly explains in his own words
Will Hart/HBO

I FELT as though all my career was a challenge.

I didn’t get the big breaks, didn’t get the exposure that the others did. I always had the highest respect for both Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns and I’m sure they had the same for me. Leonard said to me the fight between me and him would happen, and I knew we’d make it happen one day.

As for Hearns, I always knew Tommy was a good fighter with a good right hand. He was tall, lanky and very crafty. He always had good management behind him too. He was Manny Steward’s No. 1 boy. And Manny took very good care of him in preparation for his fights. But I was always hoping for the day me and him would meet.