History | Premium | Jun 12 2019

My Night: Jane Couch challenges for two world titles

Jane Couch on the night she proved she could compete at the top level
Jane Couch
Action Images/Aubrey Washington

THERE are a few I could choose but the main one I suppose was the first Jaime Clampitt fight for two world titles. I think they took me on because they thought I was over the hill.

I remember I was on the farm where I live and [trainer/manager] Tex [Woodward] came in and he had the e-mail from [Connecticut promoter] Jimmy Burchfield. I was over the moon. I had already boxed at the Foxwoods once before on a Roy Jones Jnr undercard and I knew it would be a hard fight so I just started getting ready straight away.

She was probably the No.1 or No.2 in the world at super-light and I knew that going over there I would have to knock her out to win. Well I thought I would. It ended up being that convincing that they had no choice but to give it me.