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My Night: Duke McKenzie learns why losing is so important

Duke McKenzie never had a harder fight than losing to Thierry Jacob on hostile territory
Duke McKenzie

I WAS in Mickey Duff’s office when I first heard about the fight. I had gone up to see him that day and we were going to get ready for a 10-rounder. Then we got the call for the European title. From the minute it was made I knew it was going to be a good fight.

I hadn’t boxed for about a year. A couple of fights were arranged but fell through and then I had suspected glandular fever and was unable to train. I went to top Harley Street doctors and they couldn’t do anything. I went to a Chinese herbalist – job done.

Once we got to Calais, that’s when the fun and games started, like people knocking on my door at 3am, no scales – all the old tricks. But those stunts didn’t really get to me.


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