Feature | Premium | Aug 13 2019

My Night: Deontay Wilder reflects on his Olympic adventure

After just 18 months and 21 amateur bouts behind him, Deontay Wilder explains how he ended up on the rostrum
Deontay Wilder

MY daughter, Naieya, has spina bifida. Once I knew I made the [Olympic] team that was just the start of giving her a better life.

Once I knew I had medalled, I knew that I might have a good chance of making things better. But even if I hadn’t won the medal, being a heavyweight means you’re going to be one of the better-paid guys. My daughter’s my motivation. She always will be.

We found out about it before she was born. I was a 19-year-old, in college, playing ball and some people say that when you have kids and they’re not planned, they’re mistakes, but mine was no mistake. Overall, mine was a blessing because I wouldn’t be here talking to you if it weren’t for my little girl.


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