Muhammad Ali tribute special, The Greatest, out now

Muhammad Ali
Boxing News and USA Today team up to produce The Greatest, a 168-page Muhammad Ali tribute special that is now available to buy

Muhammad Ali coverBOXING NEWS, in association with USA Today, have produced The Greatest – a 168-page Muhammad Ali tribute, documenting the incredible life and career of the recently passed legend.

This includes interviews with Ali’s most celebrated opponents, an assessment of his place in history and how he would have fared against other top heavyweights, plus exclusive imagery and a revealing talk with his trainer, Angelo Dundee.

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Here is an excerpt, from Dundee, to whet your appetite:

“The fight that happened at the very end should never have happened. That fight in Nassau (against Trevor Berbick in December 1981) was unforgivable. But who created it? Muhammad. He ran into a guy on the street from the Bahamas who asked Muhammad why he had never been to their country. Muhammad got it in his head he wanted to go there, and people (expletive) him into going to fight out there. I went with him because I wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong… I don’t blame the boxing for Muhammad’s condition at all. Parkinson’s disease is not attributable to boxing. However, the punches he took throughout his career did not help because they take an effect later in life, but they did not cause the Parkinson’s.”

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