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On This Day: Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier in the greatest fight of all time

The original ringside fight report from one of the greatest fights of all-time, Ali-Frazier
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AMAZING Muhammad Ali came through with another breath-taking victory as he hammered Smokin’ Joe Frazier into defeat in 14 sensational rounds to retain his world heavyweight title for the fourth time this year (1975).

The fans at the Philippine Coliseum saw one of the all-time great heavyweight battles. It rivalled the first two Ali v Frazier meetings for drama and raw excitement.

Frazier had not been down but was wobbling on unsteady legs in the 14th. The halt was called by trainer Eddie Futch at the end of the round. Frazier’s face bore the marks of Ali’s solid hitting but it was a very hard fight for Ali, who did not come out unscathed.


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