Feature | Sep 07 2019

Monte Barrett: Not all ‘drug cheats’ are drug cheats

Former heavyweight contender Monte Barrett condemns boxing's drug cheats and says his own failed test in 2011 was a mix-up that can happen to anyone
Monte Barrett
Action Images/Nick Potts

BECAUSE failed performance-enhancing drug tests are these days more common than lacklustre pay-per-view events, even the blissfully ignorant struggle to believe the world’s best boxers are clean.

It’s certainly a problem, the drug issue. However, equally problematic is the assumption that all boxers in the world are currently using PEDs to get ahead. Why? Because we might be wrong, that’s why.

What if there are boxers out there still doing it clean, boxers for whom integrity and morals still rank higher than dirty money and dirty success? What if we’re unfairly tarring the innocent and the guilty with the same brush?