News | Feb 13 2015

Misery in Moscow for the British Lionhearts

And they've got to take on the Cubans in Havana next in the World Series of Boxing

IT was a grim trip to Russia for the  British Lionhearts on February 12. At the “Wings of the Soviets” Sports Palace in Moscow the GB team lost all five bouts in their match against a set of national champions that formed the Russian Boxing Team.

Sam Maxwell was unfortunate to find himself behind after the first round with Vitaly Dunaytsev. But then, boxing out of character, Sam got drawn into a scrap with the wild Russian. A frustrating night for the Liverpudlian who lost a unanimous decision to Dunaytsev after five rounds.

“He was just waiting on the counter and throwing everything he could into hooks. I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be feinting, letting him throw them and countering. I just couldn’t get going,” Sam sighed afterwards. “I need to work on my jab a bit more, make it sharper… Everything I got told not to do before, I was doing.“


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