Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito
  1. W RTD 9 Antonio Margarito (2011)

This memorable contest is best summed up by one word – revenge. In 2008, Margarito had pulled off a stoppage win over Cotto, distorting his features and bludgeoning him into submission. In his fight with Shane Mosley after, Margarito was found to be wearing loaded handwraps – leading many to accuse him of having done the same against Cotto. While it was never proved, there was reportedly evidence that made it highly probable. Whatever the case, Cotto took things into his own hands the second time around. Controlling things from the outset, he outboxed and outgunned the Mexican, badly swelling his right eye in the fourth round, an eye Manny Pacquiao had previously injured. Cotto continued to slam vicious hooks and uppercuts, making Margarito’s faces more and more grotesque. Eventually, the ringside doctor advised the fight be stopped after the ninth round due to the injury to Margarito’s eye. At the time of the stoppage, Cotto rose from his stool and stared at Margarito from across the ring as the Madison Square Garden crowd fell into bedlam.

(Photo: Action Images/Reuters/Mike Segar)

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